Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement

At Australian Native Landscapes (ANL), we have a strong company culture of philanthropy, social responsibility, and community programming. Past philanthropic initiatives have included the Springvale Special School Garden makeover, the Ascot Vale Special School Pro-Community Project, and the John Logan Foundation $35K Garden Makeover Donation. These projects incorporated education, sustainable land management, and community engagement. We also completed the McCulloch Palliative Hospital Garden Makeover for Monash Hospital Foundation (Approx. $100,000) with the support of our valued suppliers.

Landscaping remains a valuable tool set and trade to advance sustainability and promote healthy, shared public places, which are invaluable to all Australians no matter where they live. In further social and community commitments, we have partnered with 202020 Vision, an organisation that seeks to make urban areas 20% greener by 2020. ANL is fully aligned with this goal and continues to support 202020 Vision by supporting their projects with ideas, talent and significant resources.

As we grow, we are formalising our focus as a business on our community obligations by adopting an employment model that offers meaningful work to disadvantaged individuals from marginalised groups. Our goal was to have the ANL workforce comprise of 20% of people from marginalised groups by July 2019, which we have now achieved, now we are working towards 40% by July 2020. We believe in giving people from all walks of life an opportunity to be a part of a valued team, which benefits the individual, us as a business and our key partners and stakeholders. We want to nurture those who are less likely to be given chances to become core members of our organisation. To achieve this goal, we created the ANL Lifts program, which builds on our core values and community culture and offers a path to stability and satisfying employment.

The ANL Lifts Program

The ANL Lifts program ensures everyone becomes a valued member of the company and the community. Landscaping and construction are more than traditional sector jobs. They are about beautification, stability, skilled-based professionalism and working with people. Every citizen is entitled to a purpose driven life; we are committed to doing our part to ensure that this basic right is met.