The complete 'Design and construct' package

The complete 'Design and construct' package

James Thomas is one of the most reputable personalities in the Australian landscape industry. So, just how did he develop this persona? By being involved in the design and construction of some of Australia’s most awarded landscapes!  

You can call on James’ expertise for your next project. It’s all part of the ANL experience. Combine this with his brother Marcus, who’s worked in key roles at some of the biggest names in property, and you’ll see why the ANL team has a hard-earned reputation for solving the most difficult problems.  

We’ll help you visualise your project, then actually deliver that vision. On-time and on-budget. By engaging ANL to design and construct the landscape, our customers have greater certainty that the design ambitions of the project are not misinterpreted or lost through the delivery phase.  

When working with mature assets, ANL constantly looks for design enhancement opportunities to improve the aesthetics, sustainability and enjoyment for all. We also use the latest technology and modelling to further give our customers an edge. Before you commence your next landscaping project, or continue with your current maintenance provider, please share your vision with us, and let us help you bring it to life. 

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