Enhancing the ambience of your internal plantscape

Enhancing the ambience of
your internal plantscape

Naturally, the internal plantscape is a key part of any customer or employee experience and there is strong evidence that bringing biophilia indoors improves mental health, by providing cleaner air and a healthier environment. It creates spaces people can enjoy for much-needed rest and relaxation, while also enhancing the internal aesthetic. 

ANL collaborates with many leading architects, design managers and developers to ensure we’re providing the most innovative plantscaping solutions. We help you identify the best areas to introduce greenlife and curate spaces where people enjoy spending time. This can be a high-profile feature area, or simply a desire to activate an area that creates engagement or something that softens and adds life to the interior.  

Be confident in the fact that our internal plantscape team has over 30 years’ experience. We have been involved in the design and installation of the initial plantscape, pop-up activations or ambience upgrades for several of Australia’s leading retail centres and commercial assets. And in recognition of this, we have received positive recognition from numerous customers for professionally handling their often difficult, always demanding challenges, be they cost or time-based, or the inevitable logistical issues which can occur. 

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