A Sustainable Future

Australian Native Landscapes fervently believes in creating a sustainable future… and always has done for over 50 years! Our founder Max Thomas put it in writing many years ago:

At ANL, we understand the importance of giving back to the community. We are committed to promoting environmental, social and economic benefits in the communities in which we live and work. We believe that our company can meet crucial pain points in employment and civic engagement, and we are committed to standing on the front lines of community progress.

Today, sustainability at ANL means that we aim to operate with a real business conscience. That’s with a particular focus around environmental and social issues. For example, we always look to ensure that solutions we provide to customers are environmentally responsible, promoting low water usage, preferring real plants over fake and believing in biodiversity.  

We work with market leading landscape architects and consultants on the development of new options for greening our buildings, spaces and cities. We are committed to being a positive contributor to the Greener Spaces, Better Places initiative. 

At a social level, we look to provide sustainable employment opportunities for members of the community who often struggle with employment, particularly disabled, disadvantaged and indigenous people. Naturally, by providing these opportunities many of our customers also benefit too! To facilitate this, we have focused on building collaborative relationships with these organisations: 

In partnership with Outlook Australia, ANL have shown their commitment to providing an inclusive diverse workplace while seeing the commercial benefits of employing a person with a disability or disadvantaged background. This approach has delivered positive change to the lives of these people who are now in secure paid employment.

Sam Sondhi
CEO, Outlook Australia

ANL has a deep‐rooted sense of accountability and always aims to deliver on our promises, both commercially and as part of the community. This is key to our shared success in not just getting the best value for your next landscape project, but for everyone who engages with ANL. We have a long history of bringing all kinds of visions to life. ANL sees it as our responsibility. Above all, we are passionate about your commercial landscape.